Here are some brilliant ideas for quick, easy, and economical improvements if you have a tight budget and can’t hire a home remodeling company but yet yearn for a more modern area.


Maintain the current kitchen arrangement.

If Nothing Is Broken. Maintaining the current kitchen layout will significantly lower your costs; altering cabinets, pipes, walls, electrics, and other components results in significant cost increases for a kitchen renovation. And the more of a cosmetic makeover you can complete on your own, the more money you’ll save.


Use your appliances again

Give your appliances a thorough cleaning inside and out with a mild abrasive cleaner before throwing them out. Then, look at them through the new eyes of a kitchen renovation. Use your appliances again, including the kitchen sink, if they’re still functional. Then buy a gorgeous new mixer tap with the money you save!



A low-cost renovation can be started with paint. Applying a few coats of a bright, neutral color or white to the walls, ceiling, door, and window frames will instantly brighten a dim, worn-out space.


Your local hardware store may offer advice on the best paint for kitchen areas as well as how to apply a stain and tannin blocker before painting over timber paneling.


Repurpose old furniture

A few mismatched chairs and an op-shop table can be made into a dining suite if you paint them all the same color while you’re doing it.


Cabinet Renovation

The kitchen cabinets are the next factor to take into account. For a fraction of the price of replacing the complete cabinets, you may paint or replace the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware if they are structurally fine but simply outdated or an ugly hue.


There is a paint product that will work whether your cabinets are made of wood or laminate. The majority of kitchen cabinets are standardized in size to allow for easy fitting of replacement doors to existing units. If the thought of painting every cabinet door yourself intimidates you, consider having them sprayed by a professional kitchen painting service. The cost may even be less than replacing the doors, and the finish will last for years.


Remove the cabinet doors.

Another easy option is to totally remove the doors from the current over-bench cabinets or to swap them out for basic, open shelves for a light, contemporary appearance. To add color and interest, you could even paint or cover the backs of the shelves with patterned paper.


A New Counter

You have a few options if your backsplash and benchtop are in need of replacement. Of course, you can replace them; there are tens of thousands of inexpensive options to pick from, and many are ideal for DIY. They can also be resurfaced using the variety of innovative materials that are currently sold at your neighborhood hardware store or Bunnings.


Paint the tiled backsplash.

Tile paint can completely change the appearance of a tiled splashback, and resurfacing kits that come in a number of “stone imitation” finishes can completely change the appearance of your benchtop.


Replace the outlets and lighting fixtures.

Spend some money on new window treatments, light switches, power outlet covers, and light fixtures.


A new kitchen can cost a fortune, but maybe you don’t need to!